Travel Mobile App – Top features to boost app conversion

Travel Mobile App – Top features to boost app conversion

Mobile apps are now playing vital role in every business, with huge customer base. Users now days spending more time online in comperision with any other media.

Few Facts :

  1. Users are now spending more time online.
  2. Users are spending maximum of the time on mobile devices.
  3. Time spend on mobile devices has been increased drastically in past 3 years.
  4. Users are spending almost 80% of the digital time on mobile apps.
  5. Mobile apps are also taking advantage over responsive design to provide much enhanced user experiance.
  6. Most of the IoT gadgets are now mobile app centric.

Travel & Tourism industry is a great industry. We can see lot of good apps already in place. We all know, before making any travel plan, users use to search online, and since maximum users use mobile device to perform search, so having a good mobile app with all required features will be a big plus to convert search into conversion.

Below are some of the essential feature every travel app should have to gain more conversion and so revenue :

Travel Itinerary Generation :

This is one of the most important feature in any travel app. Users should able to search and create itinerary basis on own selection and choice. An efficient itinerary generator plays major role in conversion. In general, user need to provide destination information and itinerary generator, generates travel plan. In case of flight booking, itinerary generator helps user with best possible route with lowest price.

User Profile Management :

This is much needed feature in any travel app. Users can manage own profile along with people frequently traveling with them. By this way, user don’t need to put Traveller name and other information every time while checkout the itinerary.

Weather Forecasting :

Another important feature for any travel app. Users traveling abroad, might not aware about current weather and so this feature can help quickly to get the update about weather/climate condition and prediction. Apps like AccuWeather handled it very nicely, this app showing lot of places with current weather condition along with prediction. Integration this feature in travel app will help users to find all information in one place.

Currency Converter :

Another big topic with international travel. This feature can help users quickly to get local currency information along with conversion rate. Travel mobile app can use geo service to get current location and help user basis on this data with conversion rate and other information. A good boost for travel app.

Emergency Service – Location based

We can’t predict emergency situation, so for better planning, every travel app should provide this information to user as a first part of travel plan. This feature should be based on location based, app can read geo location and can provide local emergency services information to user. In any such unforeseen events, app can come as rescue.

Social Feed & Messaging Service

Connectivity with social network is very important. We all know how much time we use to spend on social media. Real time feed from social media platform, like twitter, facebook can help user connected with friends and keep them updated with current activity and that too under same umbrella i.e., travel app.

Invite friends, Share & Review

This is little exciting feature for any travel app. User can share travel plan and keep friends updated with current activities. Friends or invited group member can see almost real time update and activity and can comment on same. Review is also important section in this group.

ChatBot :

Its nearly impossible to allocate one chat agent to one traveller to help and response on immediate basis, but with the help of Chatbot we can achieve it quickly, and can offer more customize and personalized services to our customer. Chatbot are very helpful for some generalize query, like ticket sharing, travel plan share again, connect to provider, some local information from where traveler planned travel etc.

Apart from above said features, more other feature can be incorporated in travel mobile app to make it more exciting and useful.

I will be writing another blog on how to create a good travel mobile app for Android & iOS very soon.

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