Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology Specialist, design reliable, secure, & cost effective solution, and also able to utilize existing infra to achieve the targeted solution. Technology Specialist, needs to be align with business needs and help business to grow to next level with latest technology stack. Technology Specialist works for various business domains, which includes : 

Responsibility of Technology Specialist may include software development, network management, database administration, web administration, security & information assurance etc.

Technology Specialist are expected to have vast knowledge of latest tech stack, and have ability to utilize existing infrastructure to solve current business need.

Education / Certification Requirements
Majority of Technology Specialist, holding bachelor degree and some of them having Master degree also. Technology Specialist can demonstrate proficiency in respective area by earning respective credentials. Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft offers certification for their products, which helps Specialists to showcase proficiency. IT specialist, post earning credentials or having vast knowledge in respective area, can start focusing in desired area like, web administration, database administration, network management, security & information assurance etc.

Conclusion :
Technology specialist, responsible to help business to grow to next level and increase revenue, with reliable, secure & cost effective solution.

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