How To Use Re Targeting To Drive More Conversion On Website

How To Use Re Targeting To Drive More Conversion On Website

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Increasing conversion is a top priority for any online business.

When any user browse your website, and leave without converting – or if they abandon the process halfway through – its important for you to re-aggange those individual.

So here, in such case, re-targeting ads can be a good help for business, and bring your customer back on website again.

Now, lets take a quick look, what exactly re-targeting is, and how it can save your advertisement money.

How Does Re-targeting Work?

Re-targeting reminds customer about your brand after they leave your website.

For Example : In Travel domain, for flight booking. Guest came on website and started searching for flight to plan his upcoming wedding anniversary. He browses through several routes and checked final fares also from payment page, but somehow he got distracted and left without booking.

Re-Targeting Campaign than display your Ads on other well known sites he visits, these Ads helps bring the guest back on website to complete his flight booking.

How does Re-targeting Benefit your business?

Re-targeting is quantifiable technique, and also its a cost effective. It redirects your current advertising budget to those guest who are already interested in your website or business. And so, the impact would be on :

  1. Impressive ROI : Since visitor already visited your website and abandon in halfway, so they are more likely to convert in compression to those who are very new to your website. 
  2. Personalized Offer :  With re-targeting, those who are returning customer, can be offered some other benefits, like in travel technology, website can offer another $5 discount to returning visitor coming via display Ads.
  3. Special Deals :  Since website know, its a returning visitor, so website can offer some unique discount or some other offer, which everyone can’t see. This may also increase conversion percentage

How To Use Re-targeting?

There are multiple ways, we can use Re-targeting

  1. Website Re-targeting: Website Re-targeting is most common and popular way.  As discussed above, purpose of re-targeting to reach only those users, who have already visited your website. Re-targeting Ads are quit different from general display Ads, they guarantee that budget will only get invested for those who already visited your website. To get the more benefit from re-targeting, its always recommended that tag pages from Conversion Process, this might be from booking engine, landing page with specific offer. Re-targeting helps with every stage of conversion process or buying funnel. Via re-targeting you can target your customer with personalized message or offer without worrying about where to fit customer in buying funnel as re-targeting offers you actual customer data.
  2. Social Re-targeting :  This can help you to target those guest, who left your website and later on visiting some social media channels like facebook, twitter etc.  Social media permits you to interact your customer in different settings as while spending time on social media, your customer is in bit relax mood. Major part here is, the stronger your brand on social media, the more effective your social re-targeting ads will be. If your customer seeing your ads on social media, they might also interested to visit your brand page in social media and you for sure do not want to show that last update on this brand page was before few years.
  3. Email Re-targeting : Emails are another effective way to reach out to your customer. Email re-targeting starts when guest left the conversion process in-between. This is recommended that reach out to customer as early as possible after abandon the buying funnel. By using Email one can offer a good and impressive customize deal to customer and can increase chances of conversion.

Search Re-targeting : This type of re-targeting is quite different from other type of re-targeting. It works by targeting customer who search for keyword related to your website / brand, but never visited to your site. Here the key is to use several different keywords tactics for initial campaign. If you want to gain attention of your customer, search re-targeting would be the best one to achieve the goal.

Conclusion :

If you are ready to increase your ROI and re-engage your customer, retargeting is the best fit for your need.

Opportunity exist for you to increase conversion without sacrificing your existing budget. From website to search retargeting, several options are available to show off your brand.

Re-target to convert more guest.

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