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How blockchain technology can transform travel industry

Blockchain is another favorite buzz world of the digital age. It is a decentralized, digital and public ledger which holds all the transactional data. There is no single organization that controls...

How to use re-targeting to drive more conversion on website

Increasing conversion is a top priority for any online business. When any user browse your website, and leave without converting - or if they abandon the process halfway through - its important for …

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Travel Technology

Travel technology, a very broad term, initially denotes CRS(computer reservation system), but now in today's era, travel is... more

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology is used to manage wide range of healthcare products and is used to treat medical conditions affecting humans... more

Banking Technology

Banking technology covers all banking verticals which broadly includes, Retail Banking, Corporate banking, Private banking... more.

IoT Technology

IoT (Internet of Things) involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices like desktop, laptops, smartphones and tables etc... more